Leverage last years’ Sales Successes in 2022

Setting our goals for the year is easy. We reflect on the past and then review the year ahead and put a high-level plan of action into play. For sales team members this could be a weekly planning sheet that aligns activities to our monthly project list.

Where do we begin? I would suggest doing a client experience review with those clients that supported you in 2021. Ask what worked and identify the clients personal and organization goals for 2022. Once you know these goals and objectives, you can start mapping your services into their required workflow. This will allow you to proactively engage in services that aids them in obtaining the goals they set for themselves. One can, during the client experience review, take the opportunity to identify how your service experience was, and what improvement areas there may be. This will contribute to client loyalty and position you as a valued partner. Clients will share expectations at a more meaningful level once they see you as a partner. You can now give your best efforts to the opportunity that is presenting itself. 

Completing the client experience reviews will give a good indication of what sales should be for the year as we obtain commitments built on last years successes. If we can obtain for example 60% of our sales from existing clients, then we can start to prospect for the balance of 40%.  Psychologically, we will be in a good place as we can confidently “bank” the 60% and only need find the difference. Just think about how much better your sales conversations with prospects will be knowing that existing customers have committed to 60% revenue for the year.

Now set yourself up for success by being consistent with prospecting and meeting cadences.  You can find the balance of sales (that 40% still needed) by asking for referrals from our satisfied clients. An often-neglected referral option is a business-2-business referral where we ask the head of one division to introduce us to their counterpart in another division of the same company.   

Here are some other ideas you may find useful:

  1. Make time to read – new trends and industry updates make us better conversationalist and business lives in conversation and relationships.
  2. Plan your diary 2 weeks out – A great sales professional knows what their calendar is like for the upcoming two weeks. This prevents double bookings, and sending calendar invites on days that are actually bank holidays.
  3. Only schedule meetings for next week – the free time in your diary this week is for prospecting, planning, appointment setting or crisis management. Take advantage of those free spaces.
  4. Make client calls after a sale – When there are numbers on the board, you feel confident, and the ‘no’ doesn’t hurt as much. 
  5. Begin your day as planned, not with email – Start your day with your prioritized list. If you begin with email, you may find yourself chasing after queries and find yourself doing urgent tasks that are not on your agenda and take you away from your customer facing priorities you set yourself for the day. This will cause you to lose momentum lead to frustration.  

As we get into our workflow for the year ahead, use January and February to meet all your clients that supported you last year. This will set you up for sales success in 2022.  May it be a year of breakthrough for you.

Neville De Lucia has been in the people development business for over 20years.  He started his career as a certified financial planner and joined Dale Carnegie as a performance consultant in October 2000. Over the years Neville has applied his trade globally and supports the development of organizations by delivering customized training to clients in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa.  Neville is a Business Coach, TEDx Speaker Coach and has a passion for youth development and is currently engaging with young adults on job readiness initiatives that will prepare them for the workplace of the future.

As a people’s person, you will find that Neville is fit for purpose in this industry.  His focus on others allows them to grow into the person that they want to be.  Neville and his wife Caryn moved to Cary North Carolina in January 2021 with their three daughters and are excited to build a successful business in the USA.  To work with Neville or to just have a conversation reach out and connect with him here.

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