Happy Holidays

How to Win Friends & Influence People this Holiday Season:

The festive season brings positive stress.  It is the excitement of hosting close family and friends.  My wife and I over the years have learned some tips to makes spending the holidays together even more enjoyable for all.  

  1. Arrive on time or fashionably late (10minutes late) – arriving early as the host is setting up for the day is not polite.  It is in fact frustrating.  Only show up early if you were invited to come and help – don’t be late in this instance.
  2. Come with a small gift of appreciation – be thoughtful there are no guidelines here.  Consider that the host has done a lot to prepare for the days event and may be spending the next day cleaning up still.  A good rule of thumb is bringing a gift you would enjoy receiving yourself.    
  3. Talk in terms of the other persons interests – you have not seen some of these folks since the last family function.  Be interested in them rather than being interesting to them.  This means make it about them, nothing builds likability more than this. 
  4. Show up with an I want to be here attitude – this means be present be engaging and be thoughtful. 
  5. Have a servant heart – If you going to get a drink offer to get for others too,  If you are leaving the table, ask the host where to take the dirty plates and take a few extra plates with you. 
  6. Get your children to contribute to chores – If you have children with you, ask that they do the same as point 5.  Teamwork is as much a family idea as it is a sports philosophy.  Nothing is more rewarding than leaving some place and people talk about how wonderful it was that you were there with your children versus how wonderful it was that you left with your children.

Have a safe, healthy & happy holiday season!

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