Mattress to Mountain Bike

mountain bike

If I am honest, I am finding it challenging to get into an exercise regime. My excuse is that I am a twin, and since forming in my mother’s womb I have never been alone.  Since I am new in the neighborhood, I have not found anyone to ride with and I don’t like doing it alone, so I don’t go out.

For me to get exercising I need to enter an event so that there’s a deadline for me to work towards. Once I have that, I need someone to exercise with for two reasons: Firstly, that is the safe way to do things. If there is an accident or an emergency, riding with friends will ensure that help is acquired when needed. The other reason why having someone to ride with is an accountability partner. Getting up and getting going is done because you know someone is waiting for you.

As you read this, I am sure that you are thinking these are just excuses, and you would be correct, that is all this is. These last few months I have found that the mattress is my comfort zone.  When the alarm goes off, I think to myself it is so comfy, tomorrow I will go, or I will make up for it this afternoon. Inevitably I don’t.  Once I make that comfy excuse the first time, it is easier to make it a second and a third time. Inevitably I have ridden my bike less and stayed in bed more. I am starting to feel a bit guilty if I am honest.

Just this week, I got up, got on the bike and road. I realized that after the ride, I felt good, I felt invigorated and had a sense of accomplishment.  I decided to put that into my memory – I said to myself:  restore this feeling and replay it in your mind tomorrow Neville. Going forward now my commitment is to Run or Ride every day…once or twice a week I will attempt to swim, something I am very poor at, twice per week until summer is over.  I have also asked a work colleague to hold me accountable by asking me weekly how it’s going. 

I had a chuckle with myself this morning because I was so tired from working late last night that I really had to force myself to get up and get onto my mountain bike. I figured I would ride until I wake up and then turnaround and come home. It turned out to be a great ride and I made a miss turn only to see a different side of Jordan Lake as I was making my way back.  It was stunning.  Decide to do something once and commit yourself to it daily. In other words, don’t make the decision every morning to exercise, make the decision to exercise once and do it every morning (or afternoon for that matter).

I have applied this same thinking process to my work now.  What are the routine tasks that make me productive and action these weekly?  Make the decision once and do it every time.  I have applied this to thinking to my business-critical admin and am being more productive as a result.

Reflect on those task that you are putting aside or procrastinating and ask yourself:

  • Am I looking for reasons to do this, or reasons not to do this?
  • How important is this to my overall person vision or the goals I set myself?
  • If it’s important decide only once to do it and do it routinely.

There are my tasks that are comfortable “mattresses” for us.  The truth is growth and comfort do not coexist.  Identify those uncomfortable tasks that will aid in achieving your personal and professional objectives and decide to do it.  These could be routine tasks like weekly filing or prospecting, or once of scenarios such as having a courageous conversation.  Make the decision once and then keep doing it.


Neville De Lucia is a Business Coach, TEDx Speaker Coach and has a
heart for developing the Youth.  To work with Neville or to just have a conversation reach out and connect with him here.

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