Neville De Lucia

Tips to make 2019 your best year ever

There is a saying; “life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end, the faster it turns.” This always comes to mind when the calendar page turns to December and I think to myself; “WOW it’s December already!!” It really does seem to come around a little quicker every year doesn’t it? In the past I had thoughts like; I wish I had spent …

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Speak Up!

The life blood of our relationships is communication  3 reasons why we fail to communicate: We are tired; too angry, or just too timid. TOO TIRED:At one of the church services I attended, our pastor shared the 20/2 principles – Talk 20 minutes to each other everyday and once a month for 2 hours connecting in one sitting. Stats tell us that we …

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