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The Importance of AI-Human Teamwork

One of the most important implications of generative AI is that it is blurring the lines between leadership and management. In the past, leaders have been responsible for setting the vision and inspiring others to follow. Managers have been responsible for planning, organizing, and controlling resources.

Now that generative AI can automate many of the tasks that were once done by managers, leaders will need to focus more on developing their team members and inspiring them to achieve a common goal. Managers need to take the heed of leadership objectives and implement with greater efficiency.

The key to success when leading and managing in the age of generative AI is to create a culture of AI-Human Teamwork. This means that humans and AI need to work together to achieve common goals. This can be achieved easier if trust exists at all levels in the organization.

Trust is essential for a successful AI-human partnership! A recent study by Dale Carnegie found that only 26% of individual contributors trust their current leaders to make the right decision about implementing AI. Managers are at 48% and directors and above are at 64%.This is an indicator that leaders and managers can increase trust by being transparent in their communication. Having conversations about AI and its impending implementation at all levels of the organization is vital to improve trust levels when implementing AI in the workplace.

What to do as the leader: As the leader think about how to create environment that will form a successful AI-Human partnership. The focus is to overcome fear that some may feel and allow for the development of skills and confidence. Work on the developing a can do mindset that will foster AI-human teamwork. Here are some ideas:

  • Be transparent about the potential impact of generative AI. Talk to your team members about how generative AI could change their jobs and the organization as a whole. Awareness stimulates conversation that that leads to ideation.
  • Be open to sharing your knowledge and expertise with your team members. Help them to understand how to use generative AI to do their jobs more effectively.
  • Provide your team members with the critical skills they need to work effectively with generative AI. This includes things like data analysis, problem-solving, and creative thinking.
  • Create a culture of collaboration and innovation. Encourage your team members to experiment with generative AI and to share their ideas and findings with others.

A common characteristic in high performing teams is trust, and as mentioned, communication from leadership is vital to ensure that trust is developed amongst all levels of the organization! Once the message is communicated, managers must focus on the tools and processes that can be further enhance by AI.

What to do as the manager: The objective of the managers is to free up time and increase the capacity of individual contributors to act. Here’s how managers can bring an AI-Human Teamwork scenario to fruition:

  • Use generative AI to empower your team members. Generative AI can be used to automate tasks, generate new ideas, and personalize products and services. This can free up your team members to focus on more creative and strategic work.
  • Invest in training and development. Help your team members to develop the skills they need to work effectively with generative AI. This includes things like data analysis, problem-solving, creative thinking, collaboration.
  • Create a culture of continuous learning. Encourage your team members to experiment with generative AI and to share their ideas and findings with others.
  • Celebrate successes. When your team members use generative AI to achieve a goal, be sure to celebrate their success. This will help to build confidence and momentum.

By following these tips, leaders and managers working together and being intentional can help their teams to thrive in the age of generative AI.

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