Focus and Discipline lead to Sales Excellence.

I am focusing on 3 key areas as I build my business. Engage existing client relationships to maintain rapport and secure work. Leverage Training Talent Trends and sharing how our organization equips our business partners with the mindset and associated behavior changes to leverage these key trends.  Building a bench of skilled facilitators and consultants to deliver on the projects being implemented. 

These are three personal focus areas that align to my business objectives. In order to effectively achieve these, I need to ask the question: Is what I am doing now enabling me to achieve my desired objectives? By doing this am I…

  • …engaging with existing clients to bridge a potential future sale?
  • …sharing talent trends with prospects and new clients to build awareness on these trends?
  • …building my depth of talent in business?

If the answer is yes, then I can say that my focus is aligned to the overriding objective. 

Many of us have the focus and can confidently state YES, this is aligned to my job description, key performance indicator or key result areas. Where I find many sales consultants or solution specialists fail, is that they get distracted by the many things surrounding their key task.

   Fig 1: My workstation full of items that distract me

When approaching a workstation like the one in Figure 1, I feel frustrated and tense.  I am not organized enough to be excellent at what I apply my mind to. To be focused we need to be organized and dare I say tidy. In order to set ourselves up for sales success we need to remind ourselves of the task we need to complete in order to achieve our desired objectives.  Once we have these tasks listed, we then prioritize them on order of importance. Now clear your desk of all distractions except for the immediate task at hand!  This makes it possible to take action and not be distracted because we have allowed ourselves to be focused.

   Fig 2: My workstation set up for success

We have to remember that sales success is dependent on doing the right activities over and over. Failure also is a result of doing the wrong activities over and over.   Both success and failure do not occur over night, they both occur as a result of the ongoing activities that we do consistently over a period of time.  What habits are you forming? Are you setting yourself up for failure or success?

As you reflect on how you do what you do,  think about the little things that you can do to be more focused and more organized and tidier. This will enable you to perform as a sales professional and close more deals more professionally.

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