Resilience, Adaptability, Agility…

…we are going to hear these words a lot as we transition into 2021

Everyone will be talking about what it will take to make it in 2021, especially after what Covid did to us in 2020.  As we set our goals for the year that lies ahead, a question we may be asking is “how do I become these three things?  How do I become Resilient, Adaptable and or Agile?

As you set you sites on 2021 – include the following:

Be Resilient in 2021:

Resilience requires three key elements. Develop coping mechanisms, know when to activate these coping mechanisms and be true to who you are by having your personal goals and values top of mind. 

For coping mechanisms, we need to place a positive spin on a negative situation.  If you are in lockdown, then what skills can you develop during this lockdown time frame think of it as #lockdownlearning.  Another way to cope is to think about defining moments in your life where you achieved personal growth by overcoming a difficult circumstance earlier in life.  Perhaps reflect on achievements that you are most proud of and reflect on the character traits that you displayed to achieve these moments of success. 

Doing this will motivate you and create a more positive mind set as you develop a
can-do attitude since you have overcome in the past you can do it again now.  Having a can-do positive attitude is proven to build resilience in individuals as we approach obstacles in life with a more positive frame of reference. 

Having a coping mechanism is great, activating the coping mechanism is just as important.  Identifying what is in your control will equip you to confront the stressor (I wrote about this last month click here to review).  When we focus on what we can control, the brain will respond in a more proactive positive way giving us a feeling of control instead of helplessness. 

The last thing needed for resilience is to ensure that we are making decisions with our goals and values in mind.  Being overwhelmed with stress and tension could lead to hasty decisions.  Yes, the packages on new vehicle sales are super attractive at the moment – do you need the new car or is saving for a deposit on a new home more important.  Know what matters and make decisions that will have a positive impact down the line.  This plays an important part in developing resilience. 

Be Adaptable in 2021:

What do you need to do to become more adaptable?  Dale Carnegie discovered this during the great depression.  Not only has the organization he started in 1912 survived the Great Depression and two World Wars, but the organization is also redefining itself during this Covid crises.  From his book How to Stop Worrying & Start Living, Mr. Carnegie shares some ideas that will allow us to adapt during difficult times:

A Fundamental Principle to overcoming worry:

  1. Ask yourself what is the worst that could possibly happen?
  2.  Prepare to accept the worst.
  3. Try to improve on the worst.

Being adaptable is about being able to adjust to new conditions as they arise.  The three questions above force us prepare mentally for the worst possible outcome.  Then we are instructed proactively take steps to improve on the worst.  Use this process to become more adaptable in 2021.

Be Agile in 2021:

As we have read, to be resilient requires a coping mechanism and making consistent decisions based on our goals and values.  Being Adaptable is as simple as taking stock of the situation we find ourselves in, and then putting a strategy in place to improve on the worst possible outcome. 

Being Agile for me simply means act now!  Do it now or schedule time to do it, whatever you do, do not procrastinate!!

History is full of people that made calculated decisions and acted on those decisions.  If it was the wrong decision, well then, they took the new data of information and did another calculation, come to a decision and acted on it and set a new course toward the goal or vision they had.  These are agile people that as leaders made a huge impact.  What we need to do as individuals is the same thing. 
Act on the decisions you have made in 2021 and the results may just astound you.

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